More than 40 years of experiment we work on construction projects


The contracting and engineering services which have been started as Mustafa Kemal Tankal private company in 1976 have gained a new identity in 1983 with the title of KUR CONSTRUCTION TRADE AND INDUSTRY INC. and has completed numerous national and international projects successfully without compromising quality by combining its vast experience with its qualified personnel.

Our organization has kept up with the ever changing times in terms of both human resources and technology and is continuing its rapid development by enlarging its areas of activity in the fields of tourism, mining, energy, electricity production, investment and finance sectors as well as the construction sector itself. The areas of construction activity of our firm include Health Facilities, Housing, Hotel and Tourism Facilities, Business Centers, Social and Cultural Facilities, Military Facilities,

Administrative Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Irrigation, Urban Infrastructure, Potable Water, Road and Port works. In the years to come, our goal is to take our stand in the global world by growing with our developing country, by ensuring the continuity of Quality and Confidence, which are sound and basic principles of our company


Offering sincere, reliable and professional services by strictly fulfilling all of our commitments and treating our customers, employees, partners and suppliers in an honest and respectful manner.

Each project of Kur Construction is able to meet various expectations through offering utmost quality. In our activities, high quality is continuously obtained through the usage of latest technology and management sciences. Standards of Kur Construction is based on internationally accepted procedures.

Kur Construction is aware that becoming one of the market's constituents is achieved by targeting highest level of excellence starting from the finest details. Zero Mistake policy is both a goal and a success for Kur Construction. Those projects which are completed or undergoing by these principles is always questioned, reviewed and several solutions are developed to obtain better and more effective outcomes.


Mission of Kur Construction is successfully realize the projects without ignoring environmental values and giving priority to its human resources in its offices, construction sites and associated facilities. In this sense, all of the projects we have performed in the past are the assurance of our future projects.

Our biggest value is to establish ever lasting and strong ties with our clients through the principle of highest customer satisfaction.


ISO-9001 , ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001ISO-14001

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mustafa Kemal Tankal
Board Chairman / Civil Engineer
Zafer Tankal
Vice Chairman / Economist
Ruhi Tankal
Member of Board / Economist
Cenk Tankal
Vice Chairman / Economist


They trust us.


Denizli Municipality İncilipinar Congress And Culture Center Construction Works
14.01.2014 14.06.2017
Construction Works Of 4000 Residential Buildings
16.01.2014 28.12.2016
Construction Work Of Sanliurfa Department Of Corrections
11.04.2014 27.10.2015
Construction Work Of Ağri 750 Person Capacity Dormitory And Social Facilities, Infrastructure And Landscaping
31.10.2011 15.10.2014
Sulaimaniya, Construction Of A Rehabilitation Center For Adults
01.11.2011 15.09.2013
Construction Work Of Faculty Of Dentistry And Dining Hall.
19.09.2011 31.12.2013
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Terminal Construction Of The Facility 
19.12.2011 26.09.2013
Construction Work Of Rapid Taxiway By Transforming Milas-Bodrum Airport Taxiway into Runway
24.03.2012 15.08.2013
Construction Work Of 3000 Person Capactiy National Institute Of Commerce Academy in Kolea City
02.11.2008 09.09.2013
Construction Works Of 3000 Person Capacity National Institute Of Commerce İn Kolea City
02.11.2008 03.04.2013
"Construction Works Of 3000 Person Capacity National Institute Of Statistics And Planning And Management School in Kolea City
02.11.2008 12.06.2013
Construction Works Of 1000 Social Housing (Site 3) in The City Of Constantine, El Khroub
01.04.2009 17.06.2012
Construction Works Of 1000 Social Housing (Site 4) İn The City Of Constantine, El Khroub
01.04.2009 16.05.2012
Construction Works Of 500 Social Housing (Site B) İn The City Of Constantine, El Khroub
01.04.2009 17.11.2011
Construction Work Of Residential Buildings Of Section 2, İnfrastructure And Landscaping İn Kocaeli Korfezkent Area
26.05.2010 01.06.2012
İzmir Aliağa Departments Of Correction Campus Construction Works
30.04.2009 24.10.2011
Denizli Sümerpark Shopping Center Reinforcement Construction - Denizli
12.02.2010 15.12.2010
Erzurum 400 Inpatient Capacity Regional Training Hospital Campus Closed Carpark And Landscaping Construction Works
22.08.2007 19.07.2008
Erzurum 400 Inpatient Capacity Regional Training Hospital Construction
04.08.2005 17.12.2007
Construction And Modernzation Of Turkish Employment Agency’S (İşkur) Office Buildings, Lot-2, Ankara, Istanbul, Söke, Kayseri
17.01.2005 23.02.2006
Ankara - Eryaman 6.Etape 2.Part 3.Zone 472 Units Of Housing And Map Infrastructure And Landsaping Construction Works
25.01.2005 22.12.2005
Central Rize 400 Inpatient Capacity State Hospital Construction
21.04.1998 15.07.2005
Erkilet (Kayseri) Sewage Network Construction
15.02.2000 04.08.2004
Ardahan Electricity Distribution Institution Administrative Building And Storage Building Facilities Construction
21.12.2000 12.07.2004
Faculty Of Economic And Administrative Sciences Construction Works
03.09.1993 20.05.2004
Gemlik Kurşunlu Fishing Port Construction
26.12.1995 31.07.2003
Ktü National Lottery Education Campus Reinforcement Construction - Rize
10.08.2001 20.12.2001
Ssi İzmir Buca Hospital General Repair Construction /Izmir
17.05.1997 28.09.2001
Nature Historical And Mining Museum Construction
20.04.1998 31.07.2001
Sakarya Karaman And Ferizli Region Permanent Earthquake Housing Construction
16.08.2000 29.05.2001
Kocaeli Köseköy 60 Permanent Housing Construction
16.08.2000 23.05.2001
Ktü National Lottery Rize Education Campus Construction
13.10.1998 07.05.2001
Ktü National Lottery Foreign Language Training Center Contruction - Trabzon
09.07.1998 20.11.2000


Construction Works Of 3000 House İn Ali Mendjeli / Constantine
26.12.2011 26.02.2014
Construction Works Of 291 Person Capacity Hospital Building
12.12.2012 31.12.2014
Construction Works Of 4.000 House İn Alimendjeli / Constantine
20.01.2014 13.02.2016
Construction Works Of Ring Road 100 M Wide And 32 Km Long İn Sulaimaniya
08.05.2014 13.05.2017
Construction Works Of 2150 House İn El Khroub - Ali Mendjeli / Constantine
26.07.2015 29.09.2017
Construction Works Of 5000 House İn Sisi Abdallah / Alger
27.09.2015 12.07.2018
Construction Works Of Water-Distribution Pipeline İn Samsun 19 Mayis Dam
30.09.2016 10.12.2018
Construction Work Of Ankara Department Of Corrections
07.11.2016 01.06.2019
Construction Works Of Congress And Culture Center
26.07.2017 21.09.2018
Construction Work Of Konya/Eregli Department Of Corrections
15.09.2017 15.04.2020
Construction Work Of Corlu Department Of Corrections
26.10.2017 25.06.2020


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